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We know you can't afford to put your life or business on hold when the storm hits. That's why we offer full 24-7 snow removal services throughout the winter season. Ours crews operate on rotating shift schedules throughout the night so we can ensure your property is clean and clear of snow when you need it most.

We have you covered this winter

24/7 Availability

The snowfall doesn't always stop at COB. Our team is staffed for around the clock winter availability to ensure your property gets serviced on time, every time.

Property Marking

Pre-season property marking helps protect curbs, lawns, or other hazards. On-site, pre-season property reviews help us provide safe and efficient service.

Service Alerts

Stay up to date on our service schedule during every storm by signing up to our text alerts where you can communicate directly with our 24/7 dispatcher.

Weather Monitoring

Around the clock weather monitoring, before, during, and after every storm ensures we have the staffing and resources ready when the snowfall starts!

Why choose CLC this winter?

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You can count on us.

From FedEx to Hilton hotels, find out why some of the biggest names in the SE Michigan area choose CLC for their winter services.

Parking Lot Clearing

Snow removal from all parking lot areas using loaders, skid-steers, and plow trucks. Our team works with each client on an individual basis to determine the best snow removal plan for your facility.

Sidewalk Maintenance

From short walkways and entrances to large scale walkways that are miles long, we have the right equipment and staff to get them cleared. 

Salting  & De-Icing

We have several de-icing options available including standard rock salt and brine solutions that are effective to lower temperatures.

Large-Scale Facilities

We have the correct equipment and trained staff to deliver snow removal, de-icing, and sidewalk clearing services to facilities with up to 3,000,000 sq ft of parking lot surface. 

Industry leading

commercial services

Commercial or Residential

Whether you own a home or a big business, we have the staffing, equipment, and expertise to offer the best snow removal services in SE Michigan. 

Automatic or On-Call

We offer automatic services any time it snows for a worry free experience. Or if you prefer for us to be on-call, we can do that too and service only when requested.

Set Your Trigger

If you choose to have your home or business serviced automatically any time it snows, we offer a customizable snowfall trigger point (1", 2", 3", etc)

Walkways & De-Icing

Whether you have 5 ft of sidewalk or 5 miles, we have the equipment to get it cleared. Optional salt or ice melt services for both parking lots and walkways.

Personalize your service options:

A contractor you can trust.

No matter how much snow falls, we show up.

Choosing a snow removal contractor for your home or business is critical for winter safety. Our team has 15+ years of residential and commercial experience and the equipment, staffing, and training to back it up. We're committed to prompt winter service and maintaining communication with each customer throughout the storm, providing service updates and allowing you to submit special requests directly to our 24/7 dispatcher.


We offer a variety of services with optional walkway, sidewalk, and de-icing add-ons. Choose from on-call services or our worry-free seasonal package which includes automatic service options at a snowfall depth of your choice.


Each package is custom tailored to your facility where we review site plans, snow storage locations, and service frequency needs to develop your site-specific winter operations strategy. 


Walkways are one of the most critical parts of commercial snow removal. Our project managers work with all clients to determine the sidewalk maintenance needs of your facility and the best equipment for each location.


We offer multiple de-icing options ranging from traditional rock salt for parking lots to ice melt for walkways. We'll develop a site-specific plan tailored to your properties needs to make sure you get the best service we have to offer.

Sign up for winter service alerts

Sign up to get text updates throughout each storm so you know when you can expect our residential services. You can also text live with our 24/7 dispatcher for any special requests you may have!

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